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Opportunities for Study

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is an entry level award in Catholic Theology aimed at teachers and catechists. It is awarded by the Board of Studies of the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales.

It is usually delivered as eight 10 hours modules on a part-time basis over a period of two years.

St John's Seminary is currently planning to run this for external students on a part-time basis. To register interest in this course, please email the Director of Studies.

Bachelor of Theology

Since 1985, St John's Seminary has offered lay students the possibility of following courses leading towards a degree in theology.

The courses followed are similar to those offered to students in formation for priesthood and aim to provide a solid and comprehensive grounding in Catholic theology.

External Students study alongside the resident community, and are welcome to join them for mass and other aspects of the life of the house.

While many External Students will wish to complete an honours degree, there are flexible study options allowing students to study part-time, and/or work towards Certificates or Diplomas of Higher Education. Enquiries are also welcome from gradutes who wish to audit courses to widen their theological base.

Lectures and other classes are usually delivered on weekday mornings.

Level 1

SJA01* Old Testament [20 credits]
SJA02* New Testament [20 credits]
SJA03* Doctrine 1 (God and Creation) [10 credits]
SJA04* Doctrine 2 (God and Revelation) [20 credits]
SJA05* Church History (Early and Mediaeval) [20 credits]
SJA06* Metaphysics [20 credits]
SJA07 Applied Theology [10 credits]
SJA08 Catechetics [10 credits]

Level 2

SJB01* Doctrine 3 (Church and the Grace of God) [20 credits]
SJB02* Christian Ethics [20 credits]
SJB03* Christian Worship [20 credits]
SJB04* Pauline Studies [20 credits]
SJB05* Church History (Reformation) [20 credits]
SJB06* Philosophy of Religion [20 credits]

Level 3

SJC01* Dissertation [30 credits]
SJC02* Doctrine 4 (Sacraments) [20 credits]
SJC03* Doctrine 5 (Christian Fulfilment) [10 credits]
SJC04* Johannine Studies [20 credits]
SJC05 Marriage and Sexuality, Social Ethics [20 credits]
SJC05A Marriage and Sexuality, Social Ethics [10 credits]
SJC06 Church History (Modern) [20 credits]
SJC06A Church History (Modern) [10 credits]
SJC07 Bioethics [10 credits]

* indicates a core module for honours students.

Summary of Awards

BTh Honours 360 credits

Diploma of Higher Education in Theology 240 credits

Certificate of Higher Education in Theology 120 credits

Foundation Certificate of Higher Education 60 credits

For Further Details and Applications

Please contact the Director of Studies.

Potential students are advised to make contact before May of the year they intend to begin.


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